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    Hi, I am a design explorer, an interaction builder and a user experience pro with over 10 years of experience in the industry of design, UX, graphics, animation, product planning and strategy. I like taking on challenges that push me to redefine my creativity. Over the years I have been primarily focused on mobile UX / interaction design. I am passionate about learning, design and photography. I make a pretty good matzo ball soup too! I am determined to make our everyday interactions better and more enjoyable.

  • Principal Designer US - UX, Interaction & Visual Design
    Joining this newly created closet knit US based team at Shazam is very exciting. Brought on to lead the design team for all new SFTV (Shazam for TV) product and re-imagining the existing product design has been an awesome opportunity. Working across the world with our many talented teams is a wonderful and invaluable experience. Working to make Shazam even more magical and enjoyable.
    1. Design Director
      Lead UX / Visual Design
    2. Design Director
      Lead UX / Visual Design
    3. Design Director
      UX / Interaction / Visual Design
    4. Design Director
      Lead UX / Visual Design

  • Sr Visual / UX / Interaction Design / Associate Product Manager
    Almost immediately upon my arrival at AOL I was designated as the "Design Ninja". Working cross-organizationally on various teams and AOL brands to build the best experiences possible. My role includes, Sr. Visual & UX Designer, Interaction Design, Design Director, Product Manager, Prototyping and occasional front-end development.
    1. Lead UX / Visual Designer
      Associate Product Manager
    2. Sr. UX / Visual Designer
      Design Direction
    3. Product Manager
      Lead UX / Visual Design
    4. Product Design / UX
      Responsive Design Prototyping

  • Design Director / UX / Interaction / Visual / Photographer / Animator
    Having an invaluable learning experience and building friendships that will last a lifetime, helping to create Katalyst's new digital media team. I worked closely with CEO Ashton Kutcher and his partner Jason Goldberg as the Design Director to create compelling new experiences through design.
    1. Creator & Director
      Showrunner / Animator / Illustrator
    2. Design Director
      UX / Visual Design
    3. Art Director
      UX / Visual Design
    4. Creative & Art Director
      UX / Visual Design

  • Design Director / Sr Designer / Photographer / Illustrator
    Working with the creator and president of David & Goliath to build a better brand experience though product and design, being promoted from Sr. Visual Designer to Design Director. This position evolved over time and I enjoyed adapting and building my skills. From writing and illustrating children's books to professional photo shoots this was a truly amazing experience.
    1. Creative / Art Director
      Visual Design
    2. Ghost Illustrator
      Ghost Writer
    3. Creative Director
    4. Creative / Art Director
      Layout design
I built this page to learn more HTML, CSS and JQuery. Still have lot's to learn but enjoying it as I go!
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